Number of people in full time employment at its highest level in 4 years

According to figures from the HR company Acerta the percentage of people employed that work full time is at its highest level in 4 years. Acerta’s figure show that 63.7% of people in employment work full-time. This is up from 61.4% 5 years ago.


This is up from 61.4% 5 years ago. In recent years labour shortages have brought with them a trend towards more full-time jobs. The percentage of people in employment that work fourth firths or more of the equivalent of a full-time contract. Currently 78% of those in employment work 80% or more of a full-time contract. 

Acerta bases its figures on the employment statistics of 330,000 people that are employed at 35,000 private sector companies.  The increase in the number of full-time jobs has brought with it a fall in the number of part-time jobs in which the employee works 50% or less of the equivalent of full time. This is currently 11.4% compared with 14.1% 5 years ago. 

Acerta’s Dirk Vanderhoydonck told journalists that the coronavirus crisis is just one of a number of reasons why the number of jobs with contracts that are 50% or less of an FTE has fallen during the past 5 years. Mr Vanderhoydonck added that in times of crisis it is often these kinds of jobs that disappear first. 

However, once the economy starts to pick up, they start to become number numerous again. The same is true of temping jobs. The periods that companies take on temps gradually become longer and at a later stage companies eventually offer the temp a permanent contract. 

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