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Search operation ended after the last of the weapons taken by Jürgen Conings is found

A new search of the Dilserbos in Limburg Province on Monday was successful in locating the last of the weapons that were taken by the fugitive soldier Jürgen Conings. The of body 46-year-old, who had been AWOL for almost 5 weeks was found in an area of woodland in the Dilserbos on Sunday. 

Jürgen Conings was on a list of people that form a potential threat to security, in his case due to far-right radicalisation. He had written a farewell note in which threats were made to a number of well-known figures, including the virologist, Marc Van Ranst. 

Jürgen Conings took a number of weapons with him from the armoury where he worked at Leopoldsburg Barracks. One gun was still missing, and it was this that was recovered during a search of the Dilserbos on Monday morning. The weapon was found not far from where Jürgen Conings’ body was found on Sunday. Meanwhile, the threat level in Limburg has been reduced as the security situation in the area “has now normalised”. 

Monday’s search operation got under way shortly after 8am. Later in the morning the Federal Judicial Authorities were able to announce that Jürgen Conings’ P90 machine gun had been found not far from where his body was discovered on Sunday. The search operation officially concluded at around 1pm.

Jürgen Conings' body was found by chance at a place just 150 metres from an area of woodland that had already been searched. He had several firearms with him. It has been confirmed that Jürgen Conings took his only life.  An initial pathologist's report says that he had been dead for between 1 and 4 weeks when his body was found on Sunday. 

Meanwhile, the Governor of Limburg Province Jos Lantmeeters has said that the security situation in his province has returned to normal. Mr Lantmeeters added that as soon as Jürgen Coning’s body was found the threat level analysis agency OCAD let it be known that there was no longer a threat.


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