Price of annual season tickets for youngsters on Brussels public transport to fall to 12 euro

From 1 July the price of a season ticket allowing a year’s travel on the busses, trams and metro services operated by the Brussels public transport company MIVB will fall to just 12 euro for people aged between 12 and 24. Initially the price cut will only apply to those in full time education. 

However, from 1 February 2021 all people in Brussels that are under the age of 24 will be entitled to a cut-price season ticket.  The idea behind the price cut is to make public transport attractive to young people and in so doing get them so used to using it that they continue to do so in later life.

From the start of next month schoolchildren and students under the age of 24 will pay 12 euro/annum for their MIVB season. This is just under a quarter of the 50 euro/annum that they currently pay. 

In 2016 the price of an annual season ticket for schoolchildren and students was cut from 120 euro to 50 euro for the first and second child within a given family. Any additional children receive their season ticket free of charge. The new price cut means that youngsters will be able to use the capital’s extensive public transport network for just 1 euro per month. Season tickets will remain free of charge for the third dependent child and above. 

While teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 won’t be asked to provide evidence that they are in full-time education, students between the ages of 18 and 24 will have to do so. They will need to provide an original document that proves that they are enrolled as a student at a school, college, or university within the European Union. 

From 1 February 2022 anyone under the age of 24 will be entitled to a cut price season ticket. Currently an annual season ticket for the MIVB costs 499 euro. From 1 February next year this will be 12 euro for everyone between the ages of 18 and 24. 

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