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Police stage large-scale operation against human traffickers

The French and Belgian police joined forces to stage a large-scale operation against human trafficking to the Unied Kingdom. in Flanders, checks were held at motorway servicing areas and parking lots.  

Police are trying to prevent that small boats packed with refugees and migrants make the journey to the United Kingdom in very tricky conditions. Human traffickers are now focusing on getting a boat ready to start crossing the Channel from the Belgian or French coast. 

The operation was held between 6 p.m. and 2 o'clock in the night and had some 160 police officers take part. They checked vans and lorries on the presence of small boats at motorway parking lots - these boats often get stolen in the area - but also roamed the beaches. Ships and helicopters were also deployed.

In total, about 500 vehicles were checked. 8 migrants were apprehended. 

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