foto Peter Hilz (C)

Brussels to banish internal combustion engine from 2035

The government of the Brussels-Capital Region has announced that from 2030 vehicles with diesel engines will no longer be allowed in the low emissions zone that covers the entire region with the exception of a few short stretches of motorway. From 2035 the ban will be extended to cover vehicles with petrol engines and those that run on LPG. 

The measures will be phased in gradually. From next year diesel vehicles that don’t have a Euro Norm 4 carbon filter will be banned. Diesel vehicle that are Euro Norm 5 will follow in 2025 with all diesel engines to be banned from 2030.

The regional government has agreed to implement the Low Emission Mobility Brussels roadmap. The roadmap also contains measures to help those that will be impacted the most such as people that are less mobile and small and medium-sized businesses. There are also measures to stimulate car-sharing initiatives.  

Other measures to help the transition to greener vehicles include financial assistance for those hardest hits and most in need, public awareness campaigns and the roll out of an extensive network of charging points (22,000 are planned) for electrically powered vehicles.

The regional authorities also plan to continue their sizable investment programme in public transport and cycle infrastructure.


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