Boat with Belgian tourists on board involved in fatal accident on Italian lake

A boat with 11 Belgian tourists on board has been involved in a fatal accident on Lake Como in northern Italy. Italian media report that the accident happened on Friday afternoon. The Belgians had gone out water-skiing on the lake when the boat they were in crashed into another vessel. A 22-year-old Italian man that was in the other boat was killed and two other people in the boat were injured.  

The woman that was steering the boat that the Belgian tourists in were said in her statement to police that she hadn’t seen the other boat. Her boat is reported to have been travelling at some speed. The dead man is a student from the municipality of Guanzate, around 50 kilometres from the scene of the accident. The two men that were injured are also both 22 and are both friends of the dead man. They escaped with minor injuries. One of them was treated for shock.

The three young Italians had hired the motorboat to go out on to the lake to sunbathe. The boat carrying the Belgians stopped as soon as they realised that the other boat had been hit. 

The emergency services were at the scene quickly but were unable to do anything to save the life of the young Italian man. He is reported to have died instantaneously due to the impact of the crash. 

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