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Long queues outside Ghent vaccination centre on Friday

There were lengthy queues outside the coronavirus vaccination centre in the East Flemish city of Ghent on Friday afternoon as many hundreds of people heeded the city authority’s call to go the centre to get an appointment-free coronavirus jab. The call came as there was a surplus of vaccines at the centre. Around 1,700 people, most of whom young, turned up at the vaccination centre.

While it understands the city authorities’ motives, the Flemish Health and Care Agency has its reservations about the way in which the Ghent City Authorities went about things. 

On Friday morning the City of Ghent announced via the traditional and social media that any in Ghent that is 16 or over could go to the vaccination centre on Friday afternoon or evening and get a jab without the need for an appointment. 

This sent people flocking to the vaccination centre at Flanders Expo in their droves.  By 4pm the city authority announced that there was no point in going to the vaccination centres as there were already enough people for the vaccines that were available. 

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