Suspects paid a total of almost 1 billion euro to avoid prosecution

Since 2011 a total of 1,400 individuals and companies have opted to make payments in out-of-court settlements to avoid prosecution. An article in Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘De Tijd’ reports that during the past 10 years at total of almost 1 billion euro has been paid by those opting to settle with the Judicial Authorities out of court. 

The so-called “Buy-off Bill” became law in 2011. Since then, 1,368 individuals and companies were given the opportunity to settle their case out of court by paying a sum agreed with the Judicial Authorities. This method of settling cases has been mainly used in fraud cases.  

Those that opted to settle their case in this way have paid a total of 955 million euro to the state. Almost half of this went to the Judicial Authorities with most of the rest going to the Taxation Department as money that it was owed in tax fraud cases. Around 20 million went to other injured parties.

Flanders accounted for exactly half (684) of the 1,368 cases settled in this way. 422 cases were in Wallonia and 223 in the Brussels-Capital Region. The remaining 19 cases were delt with by the Federal Judicial Authorities. Most of the cases settled in this way were crimes of a fiscal, financial or economic nature.


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