Philippe Crochet

Belgian Cats just miss out on a place in the final

The national women’s basketball team the Belgian Cats have missed out on a place in the final of the European Basketball Championships. They lost their semi-final against Serbia by the narrowest of margins 74-73. The Belgian Cats will take on Belorussia on Monday evening to decide who takes third place. 

The Belgian Cats knew in advance that their Serbian opponents possessed more physical strength. This was made all too evident in the opening minutes of the game. The Serbs piled on the pressure and scored from also every shot they attempted.  

The Belgian Cats were soon trailing badly. They were unable to reach Emma Meesseman, but thanks to several successful efforts by Hanne Mestdagh and Julie Allemand our women trailed their Serbian opponents by just 6 points at the end the end of the first quarter.

The Belgians made a ferocious start to the second quarter. Jullie Allemand took control and with her at the helm the Cats pulled ahead of the Serbs. After the break things went less well. The Cats were unable to break through the Serbian defence and at the same time unable to stop Vasic and Crvendakic. However, the Cats were able to maintain their lead thanks to a few points scored by Emma Meesseman.

The Cats then fell behind through. However, they did all they could to rectify this in an exciting climax to the game. It looked as though they might have done it too when Kim Mestdagh scored right on the buzzer. However, she was just a fraction of a second too late and Serbia rather than Belgium qualified for the final.  

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