Heavy storms on the way

The Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) warns those of us that might be considering venturing out later today that they can best check the latest weather report. KMI forecasts “quiet intense storms with the chance of localised hail, gusts of high winds and downpours of rain”. A Code Yellow weather warning has been issued.


So far Sunday has been warm and muggy. It has been dry with clear spells and some high cloud. However, during the afternoon the bright spells will become fewer and further between. As the afternoon wears on the chance of localised storms will increase. They will bring with them gusts of high wind, hail and large quantities of rainfall in a relative short space of time. A Code Yellow weather warning is in force from this afternoon.

More storms are expected during Sunday evening. Sunday night will be dry. However, they could be some fog and even mist in some places. As the morning approaches the chance of storms will increase in areas close to the French border. On Monday we can expect showers with some localised storms. 

The 1722 hotline has been opened for those that require non-urgent assistance from the Fire Service, for example to deal with a flooded cellar or to remove a tree that has been felled by the wind. Those requiring urgent assistance should call the standard 112 emergency number.  

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