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Soil in residential areas won’t need to be cleansed of PFOS

New tests carried out on the soil in residential areas in Zwijndrecht (Antwerp Province) have concluded that for now at least the soil there will not need to be cleansed of PFOS. The same conclusion was reached after the results of tests on soil in residential areas in neighbouring Antwerp and Beveren (East Flanders) were published. However, tests carried out in local countryside and on agricultural land have found quantities of PFOS pollution that exceed permitted safety levels. 

The level of PFOS pollution increases as you approach the 3M factory that was at its source. The precautionary measures that were introduced remain in force and people in the area are, for example, advised not to eat eggs laid by local chickens. 

Extra tests will be required in order to now with certainty that PFOS levels have not been exceeded in any residential street in the area.


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