80% of adults in Flanders have had at least one shot of coronavirus vaccine

The vaccination campaign in our region is progressing with leaps and bounds. Now another milestone has been reached with 80% of all adults in Flanders now having received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. The news that 80% of Flemish adults now have at least some protection against coronavirus was announced by the Flemish Health Minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat) via his Twitter account on Monday morning. 

A delighted Mr Beke wrote “80% of all Flemish adults have had at least one jab! This makes us the leader in Europe and puts us among the leaders globally. Thanks to everyone that has chosen to get vaccinated and to all those that are helping to make this vaccination campaign so successful.”

Belgium is one of the countries that is vaccinating the quickest in Europe (and indeed the world). Flanders is vaccinating even more quickly than the average for Belgium as a whole. 

Mr Beke told journalists that there are several reasons for this "We have a strong tradition of vaccination. Moreover, with our network of vaccination centres we have invested in proximity. The cooperation between first line care providers and local authorities has been excellent. Our medical staff are on hand every day as are the many volunteers”. 

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