Philippe Crochet

Belgian women take bronze at European Basketball Championships

Belgium’s national women’s basketball team the Belgian Cats did our country proud on Sunday evening by taking bronze at the European Basketball Championships. After Saturday’s disappointment that saw them miss out on a place in the final by just a fraction of a second, the Belgian Cats were determined to take control from the outset. 

Emma Meesseman needed just two attempts to put Belgium in front. Soon she and Kyara Linskens had ensured that Belgium had a 10 points advantage over their Byelorussian opponents. 

The Byelorussian team final woke up in the second quarter and started to defend more strongly and gave the Belgians a run for their money. However, the Belgian Cats came back into the game and maintained their 10-point advantage until half time.

After the break the Byelorussians moved up a gear, but the duo of Meesseman and Linskens ensured that Belgium held on to the lead.  

There was no shortage of baskets scored by Antonia Delaere either. Every ball that left her hand added points to Belgium’s tally. However, three minutes from time she did miss, and this served as a signal to the Byelorussians to try a final offensive.  However, it was to no avail and the 69-77 score was enough to ensure Belgium of Bronze.

Philippe Crochet

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