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The artist Jan Fabre to face charges of violence and sexual harassment

The artist Jan Fabre is to be tried on charges of harassment, violence, and sexual harassment of members of his dance company. The prosecutor that has brought the case accuses the 62-year-old of having either physically assaulted, bullied or sexually harassed as many as 12 members of the dance company. 

The allegations first came to light in September 2018 when 20 members of Jan Fabre’s Troubleyn dance company published an open letter in a newspaper. They complained of inappropriate behaviour by Jan Fabre. A criminal investigation was launched. The investigation has now concluded and the Labour Auditor, who in this case is the prosecutor as the alleged offences were committed in the workplace, believes that there is enough evidence for the artist to stand trial.

In addition to the allegation of sexual harassment, common assault and bullying, Jan Fabre is also alleged to have sexually assaulted one of the dancers. A preliminary hearing will be held in September at the Antwerp Courthouse. It will then be decided when the trial proper will take place.

In the wake of the open letter an audit of the Troubleyn Dance Company was carried out at the request of the then Flemish Culture Minister Sven Gatz (liberal). Based on the findings of the audit measures were taken to prevent further incidents occurring in the future. 

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