“Third jab probably won’t be needed”

A third corona jab doesn’t seem likely for most people.  Research published in the scientific journal ‘Nature’ shows that after two jabs the body’s immune response remains very high for a long period of time” says virologist Johan Neyts of the world renowned Rega Institute at Leuven University.

Scientists followed a group of patients vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna.  Biopsies of lymph nodes were also carried out.

“Vaccination occurs in the upper arm triggering your immune system.  A number of immune cells nestle in the lymph nodes and put in training there” says the virologist. 

Antibodies are produced by b-cells.

“We’ve discovered b-cells are having great fun in the lymph nodes and are really getting in the training” says Neyts.  “They keep at it even weeks after the second jab.  This appears to show they provide lengthy immunity”.

“Vaccines are working far better than expected.  They are safe and appear to provide lengthy protection.  A week after your second shot you are protected against the Delta variant first detected in India.”

“A third jab won’t be necessary for most people.  The elderly could be an exception, but for the broad majority of people the immune response is strong enough after two shots.”

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