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How do I get my code for free corona tests?

Everybody resident in Belgium and not yet fully vaccinated can get two free corona tests to go away on holiday. 

Many holidaymakers will be required to produce evidence of a clear or negative PCR corona tests when they travel abroad this summer.  Starting 1 July this information will be available on your corona certificate. People who have not been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks qualify for two free tests as long as they didn’t refuse the jab.

To get the free tests you need a code that you can generate by surfing to  Log in using your ID card or the itsme app. The system will check whether or not you qualify for the test. You can use the code immediately and book your test via the same website.

But beware, there is no reason to apply for the code before you need it.  The code is only valid for ten days.  Apply for the free test before you need it and you will lose the Belgian government’s freebie.

A PCR test may be required at the start and end of your journey.  Countries decide for themselves whether you need a corona test to enter their territory.

Holidaymakers over 12 returning from red zone countries are obliged to have a test unless they are fully vaccinated or can prove they have recently recovered from coronavirus.

The free tests are not available to people who refused the jab.  The free test can also be carried out by your family doctor, but he is free to charge for the consultation. A PCR test can cost up to 55 euros.

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