The station at Roeselare

“Suspects peed on youngster and pushed his head down the loo”

Three suspects, including a woman, stand accused of abusing a young man in a flat in Roeselare during an entire night. 

The three suspects, who have been detained, are believed to have locked up the young man in a flat before proceeding to hit and kick him for hours on end.  They pushed his head down the loo, urinated on him and held him captive all night.

The incident is believed to have happened two weeks ago but details have only just been released.  The 36-year-old woman involved is said to have acted with two friends.  They claim she wanted to teach the lad a lesson after he allegedly attempted to run her down on purpose. 

The three suspects are familiar figures in circles of those who hang out at Roeselare railway station and are known to live on the borders of society.  One of the suspects recently got a suspended sentence after threatening a shop assistant, who caught him shoplifting.  He will probably now have to serve it as a result of the new case.

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