Bikini ban in Blankenberge City

You could wonder why anybody would want to do it in this weather but the popular seaside resort of Blankenberge has banned the wearing of bikinis in the city centre.  Anybody on a stroll through the pedestrian precinct without a top also risks a 350-euro nuisance fine. 

The city fathers and mothers say beach attire belongs on the beach and not in shopping streets and the city centre.  Youngsters under 12 are exempt from the ban.

Blankenberge is following the lead of the nearby jet set resort of Knokke, often called the Flemish Marbella. The new ban takes effect on 1 July, start of the summer holidays.  Beach attire is still permitted on the beach and the seafront.

Mayor Daphné Dumery explained: “Anyone in swimming gear in the city centre will receive a warning first.  The police will also be able to intervene when people in beach attire cause a nuisance in the city centre and in shops. We’re not only talking about beach attire.  There are people who take a dip just before they are about to take the train home and stroll through the city centre still soaking wet.  This we want to stop.”

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