Rob Engelaar

Second AstraZeneca jab sooner for people who had to wait 12 weeks

AstraZeneca has supplied an extra 700,000 doses of its vaccine.  The delivery means that people who have to wait twelve weeks to get their second jab will be able to bring this forward.

Originally there was a 12-week delay between the first and the second AstraZeneca jab. On 12 May Belgian governments reduced this delay to eight weeks.  Today’s delivery means the delay can now be cut to eight weeks for people who received their first jab before 12 May.

People expected to wait until July or August for their second jab can bring it forward starting tomorrow. 

“The easiest way to make the change is by refusing the proposed date in the email inviting you for your second shot” says Joris Moonens of the Flemish Care and Health Agency.

“If you reject the proposed date, you will receive another email allowing you to make an earlier appointment.  Take account of the fact that available time slots will be limited”.

Due to low take up in the capital more vaccines were already available in Brussels and people waiting until August for their second AstraZeneca shot have already received a text suggesting they bring forward their appointment.

The bringing forward of the second jab is good news in the light of the advancing delta variant.

AstraZeneca gives better protection if you leave a 12-week delay between the jabs, but Gudrun Briat of the vaccination taskforce says the fact people will be protected 4 weeks earlier is far more important.

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