Summer of road misery forecast for holidaymakers

Motoring association VAB has discovered that seven out of ten Flemings intend to go away on holiday with the car.  VAB envisages a worrying cocktail of heat, heavily loaded vehicles, long journeys, jams and lack of adequate preparation that will lead to traffic misery for many.

A ‘hot summer’ is what VAB is predicting and that’s no reference to the weather. Among Flemish families with kids eight out of ten intend to take their car along when they disappear on holiday.  VAB warns that the chance of a break down will be ‘very high’ this summer.  For 21% of people in Flanders it’s only the first or second time they go away with the car, while half of all holidaymakers don’t check their vehicles beforehand. 

33% of holidaymakers intend to use the car for destinations in Belgium, while a quarter will head for France, 13% for Spain and 11% for the Netherlands.  A further 8% are bound for Germany and Italy.

48% of holidaymakers using the car will travel over 500km.

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