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No appointment required for coronavirus jab at Ghent vaccination centre from today

From today anyone over the age of 16 that lives in the East Flemish city of Ghent will be able to get a coronavirus jab at the vaccination centre at Flanders Expo without having made an appointment. If too many people turn up, as was the case last Friday when an appointment-free session was held at the centre, those that are unable to get a jab straight away will be asked to make an appointment at a time that suits them. 

Those that, for whatever reason, failed to take up the offer of a coronavirus earlier this year are also welcome to get a jab. 

The appointment-free system is only open to those that have not yet received a first dose of coronavirus vaccine. People hoping to get their second dose more quickly by turning up at the centre will be sent away. The administration of second doses remains on an appointment-only basis. 

The centre in Ghent currently has a large stock of vaccines while at the same time people are waiting to book vaccination appointments because they have travel plans. All adults in Ghent have already received an invitation to book an appointment for a first shot of coronavirus vaccine at the Flanders Expo vaccination centre.

Michiel Dendooven, who is responsible for running the centre told VRT News that those wishing to get vaccinated without having made an appointment are welcome at the centre on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. People that don’t want to have to queue up are advised to still make an appointment. 

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