Professor Van Gucht says that the rise in the number of coronavirus infections is not a cause for concern

The virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht has told VRT News that he is not concerned by the rise in the number of coronavirus infections. At the National Crisis Centre press conference earlier this week Professor Van Gucht predicted that the number of new infections would rise. 

However, is the increase in the number of coronavirus infections that are being detected simply due to the fact that more people are being tested or should we be concerned that there is more virus in circulation?

"It is a combination of various factors. First of all, there has been a big increase in the number of tests that are being carried out. The holiday period has begun. Very many young people have been getting tested. Among teenagers especially we have seen a sudden increase in the number of tests. This means that we find more infections and the statistics go up again”.

"We know that the more infectious Delta variant is gaining ground. The variant accounts for more than a quarter of all infections and this will increase further during the coming week. There have of course been relaxations to the measures. It is now more than three weeks since the start of the first phase of the Summer Plan”.

But should we be worried that the number of coronavirus infections is increasing again?

"We would rather see the figures not go. However, the number of hospitalisations is still falling by 40% per week. It is a good sign that we are still not seeing a slowdown there. We should start to be concerned if the number of hospital admissions stabilises or starts to go up”, Professor Van Gucht told VRT News. 

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