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Environmentalists stage protest in Antwerp

Around 420 people took part in a protest in Antwerp on Sunday morning for measures to improve the environment and tackle climate change. At the protests were members of several environmentalist and climate change action groups as well as the members of a number of citizens’ platforms. 

The march passed peacefully, and the atmosphere was good-humoured. Those at the protest demanded fair environmental and climate policies and the transition towards industry and ports that are climate neutral and don’t pose a threat to health.

They called on the authorities to carryout thorough testing to ascertain the extend of PFOS/PFAS pollution and that any land found to be contaminated be thoroughly cleansed of PFOS/PFAS. Any cost incurred should be met by those responsible for the pollution. Anyone that has suffered due to the pollution should be adequately compensated.

The demonstrators believe that health of the public should come first and that there should be more checks on industry to prevent incidents similar to the PFOS/PFAS pollution issues around the 3M site in Zwijndrecht (Antwerp Province) happening again in the future.


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