Investment in R&D exceeds 3% of GDP for the first time

According to figures from by the Belgian Science Policy Office, investment in research and development in Belgium has exceeded 3% of GDP for the first time. The figures are based on a survey of the private, public, non-profit and education sectors. 

The figures were released on Sunday morning by the office of the Federal Secretary of State responsible for science policy Thomas Dermine (Francophone socialist).

The research is based on figures from 2019, before the onset of the coronavirus crisis. They show that for the first time Belgium had achieved the target of 3% of GDP invested in R&D that was set by the European Commission. In 2019 3.17% of GDP was invested in research and development.

Both Flanders and Wallonia reached the 3% target. However, Brussels didn’t. Mr Dermine says that this is because GDP in Brussels is extremely high, accounting for 18% of Belgium’s total GDP, while the population of the Brussels-Capital Region is only just over 11% of that of Belgium as a whole. 

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