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Long tailbacks on the E40 and localised flooding as storms sweep across the country

As some of you will no doubt have noticed it is somewhat of stormy Sunday. Some of us have already seen rain, lightning, thunder, hail, and high winds. The storm has brought with it localised flooding and misery for motorists not least on the E40 at Aalst (East Flanders). There are delays of around 2 hours were reported early on Sunday afternoon. The heavy rain around Aalst meant that Brussel-bound carriageway of the E40 became flooded. 

The Federal Police warns that driving conditions on the afflicted stretch of motorway are extremely treacherous. The right-hand and middle lanes have been closed off and motorists driving from Ghent to Brussels on the E40 can expect delays of around 2 hours.  As a result of the issues caused by heavy rain the maximum speed limit on motorways in Flemish Brabant and Antwerp Province has been reduced to 70 km/h. The right-hand lane of the Antwerp Orbital motorway is also closed in both directions due to issues with surface water. 

Flooding at the Aalst intersection of the E40 motorway.

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Meanwhile, Karen Van Damme of the Aalst Local Police Service told VRT News that “Many streets in Aalst are under water. In the interests of safety these streets have been closed to traffic and the Fire Service has been deployed to limit the problems caused by the flooding”. 

Flooding in Aalst

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In nearby Haaltert the Fire Service has received more than 170 calls to deal with flooding, the municipality’s Mayor Veerle Bayens (nationalist) wrote on Facebook.


Flooding in Haaltert

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These images sent to us by Barbara Ceuppens show the Hector Henneaulaan in Zaventem (Flemish Brabant). 

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