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Autoworld celebrates 75 years of the Vespa scooter

This year it will be 75 years since the iconic Vespa scooter was launched. To celebrate this the Autoworld museum in Brussels’ Jubelpark is holding an exhibition featuring around 100 Vespas.  The scooter is a popular as ever with some 60 Vespa clubs existing here in Belgium. Only in Italy are there more members of Vespa scooter clubs than here in Belgium. 

Patented in April 1946 by Piaggio & C°, the Vespa owes its name to its
distinctive shape. Vespa is the Italian for wasp. The scooter’s slim waist, its curved rear and its insect-like sound give it a certain wasp-like quality.

The exhibition at Autoworld displays machines dating from 1947 through to 2021. The scooters on display were mainly built in Belgian (MISA in Jette), French  (Forchambault), German (Hoffmann in Lindorf), English ( Douglas in Bristol) an Spanish (Madrid) factories with some having been built in the US and of course at the home of the Vespa in Italy. 

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