West Flemish youngsters infected with coronavirus during Catalan party break

At least 8 young people from the Waregem area in West Flanders have returned from a party holiday in the resort of Lloret de Mar in the northeast of Spain infected with coronavirus. They returned home on Sunday. As Catalonia is currently coloured in red on the map showing levels of coronavirus infections in Europe, all those that had been on the holiday were obliged to take a PCR test on their return.  

The group of 17-years-olds were tested on Monday. When their results came in it was found that at least 8 members of the group had tested positive for coronavirus. Those that tested positive had lodged in different houses during their stay in Lloret de Mar. They had also spent 17 hours on a coach with other young people during their return to Belgium.

Jordy S'Jongers of company that organised the holiday Summer Bash told VRT News "All the young people that return are either tested by us or we asked them to take a PCR test. We want to be certain who has tested positive for coronavirus and who hasn’t. It is true that a group of young people from Waregem has tested positive.

The young people that take a Summer Bash vacation in Lloret de Mar stay in holiday houses in groups of 10. As everyone is tested before they leave the West Flemish youngsters must have become infected while they were in Spain.

Mr S’Jongers told VRT News that as not many young people have returned from their Summer Bash vacation yet (and so haven’t been tested) it is not yet known how many have become infected while on one of the tour operator’s holidays in Spain or Portugal. All those currently on one of the tour operator’s holidays will be tested on Tuesday afternoon. If a large number test positive Summer Bash will may decide to cancel the party breaks planned for the next couple of weeks.


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