“Downward trend has been broken”

Speaking at the weekly news conference on corona figures and after a week in which corona cases again started to rise virologist Steven Van Gucht noted that hospitalisations no longer seem to be falling: “The decrease is slowing down. If we only look at the most recent days hospitalisations are even rising slightly.”

“In numbers the increase in hospitalisations is small but the average looks like it’s set to rise soon.”

Prof Van Gucht expects the increase in cases to be mirrored by more hospitalisations: “The rise will be less marked than the rise in cases. Most cases are among the young.  Luckily older people or people with health issues are either fully or partially protected by the vaccine.”

The rise is case numbers is set to colour Flanders and Wallonia amber on the map once again. 

“The present rise is limited to under 60s.  Among over 60s the downward trend continues.  The rise is strongest among teenagers and people in their twenties, where figures have doubled.  They make up half of all new cases.”

The number of deaths continues to fall with half of all deaths among people aged 45 to 74.

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