Parrots, dogs and guinea pigs seized in atrocious conditions

Police in Bocholt (Limburg) have impounded over 425 animals suffering from serious neglect.  Dogs, budgerigars, parrots, chickens, rabbit and guinea pigs were found living in dreadful conditions at premises of a member of the public. Some of the animals were dead.

“These were disturbing circumstances that have fortunately been ended” says Rudi Oyen of the local bird and mammal sanctuary.  “The animals were poorly housed.  Some animals were ill or had parasites.  We’re using medicines and food in a bid to help the animals recover”.

“Dead animals were found at several locations across the premises.  We even found dead animals in the green refuse container”.

Charge sheet were issued to the owner of the premises, who is up for questioning soon. 

Flemish animal welfare minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) has praised the police operation and pledged extra inspectors for the animal welfare service. 

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