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Party travel organisation pulls the plug on summer bash trips

Summer Bash, a tour operator specialised in party trips for youngsters, is bringing 350 young people home from Spain early.  The partygoers are staying in resorts like Lloret de Mar and Calella.  A number caught coronavirus, probably on the party circuit.

After 24 youngsters came down with coronavirus coaches were dispatched from Belgium to bring all youngsters home.  Infected and healthy youngsters will travel in separate coaches. All group activities have been cancelled and youngsters are having to make the best of things in their bubble.

Earlier in the week ten young people returned home from Lloret de Mar with coronavirus.  Jordy S’Jongers of Summer Bash believes the infections were probably picked up in night clubs “where people often take off face coverings to be able to understand each other”.

One parent, who spoke with VRT, accused the accompanying staff of failing in their duty to alert youngsters to safety precautions.

Additional cases were detected via self-tests that the organisation provided to all partygoers.

Getting the youngsters home is no easy feat.  Corona measures usually mean people who test positive need to quarantine and an exception has to be made for returning holidaymakers. The infected youngsters need to travel via France, which although obvious is seen as an added complication. Special certificates are needed to allow transit.  Travel organisations are enlisting the help of Belgian consulates abroad that have the unenviable task of sorting matters out.

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