110 infected Flemish youngsters on their way back from Spain

Two coaches carrying 110 youngsters and 12 staff from tour operator Jongerentravel will arrive in Belgium from Spain on Friday afternoon. The youngsters on board the coaches became infected with coronavirus while on a party break holiday. Meanwhile, the tour operator Summer Bash is also trying to arrange an early return home for its customers. Summer Bash and Jongerentravel currently have 600 customers at Spanish resorts such as Lloret de Mar and Calella.

Jongerentravel’s rep Louise Hermans told VRT News that the repatriation operation is running smoothly. Ms Herman tested positive for coronavirus herself and is on one of the coaches.

Meanwhile, 139 of the 600 Flemish youngsters on the tour operators’ party breaks in Spain have tested positive for coronavirus. 29 of these are among 350 youngsters that went on a holiday organised by Summer Bash, while 110 were among 250 that were on a Jongerentravel summer break. 12 Jongerentravel staff also tested positive.

Jordy S'Jongers of Summer Bash told VRT News that it is likely that the youngsters become infected while at a Spanish night club. However, a parent of one of one of the young people that became infected told VRT News that the reps don’t do enough to ensure that safety measures are upheld.

Both tour operators have said that they want to bring all their holiday-makers homes as soon as possible. However, this is easier said than done. VRT News’ Steven Decraene explained the different coronavirus that are in force in various countries makes the repatriation of the remaining holidaymakers particularly tricky.

Meanwhile Summer Bash has been given the all clear to bring home its holidaymakers. Four coaches left Ghent for Spain on Thursday. They should arrive in Spain today and arrive back on Saturday morning. The necessary measures will be taken to ensure that the coach drivers don’t come into contact with the passengers. The coaches are also equipped with a filter system to kill bacteria and viruses.

The solicitor Olivier Dugardyn that is acting as spokesman for Jongerentravel says that in allowing the repatriation of the company’s customers an exception was made to the general rule. This is because those concerned are youngsters between the ages of 12 and 18 that are not accompanied by their parents. This does not mean that everyone that becomes infected while on holiday can expect the same treatment. 

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