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Flemish medal for Pfizer

On the eve of the Flemish holiday the Flemish government has awarded the Flemish medal to persons and organisations of merit.  The most striking award this year is perhaps the bestowing of the Flemish medal on Pfizer Belgium, the Belgian division of the American company that produces its corona vaccine in Puurs (Antwerp Province).

In a year in which the battle against coronavirus dominated this award can hardly come as a surprise.  The government says that the Flemish Pfizer plant is an example of how Flanders is a top location for a knowledge-based and innovative biopharma industry. The company is lauded on account of its ground-breaking research, speedy production, well-oiled logistics and stable supplies.

Pfizer Belgium country manager and managing director Karel Van De Sompel received the medal on behalf of his company

The Flemish government has also awarded the Flemish medal to staff and volunteers at the Flemish vaccination centres.

Others awarded the Flemish medal in this year’s honours’ list include Michelin star chef Peter Goossens, the rector of the Flemish Free University of Brussels, the VUB, Caroline Pauwels, and VRT News anchor Martine Tanghe, who is lauded for her clear and correct use of the Dutch language.

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