Alexander Dumarey

Covid cases double in Ghent in only ten days

The authorities in Ghent have called on Ghentians to stick to corona measures after the number of infections in the East Flemish capital doubled in only ten days.  Especially people returning home from abroad are being urged to comply with corona restrictions.

Only 41% of the total population is double-jabbed.  67.7% of all Ghentians have had at least one shot.  Ghent Mayor De Clercq says the vaccination drive is advancing well, but insufficient Ghentians have been fully vaccinated in order to allow relaxations.

Most cases occur among people in the 20-to-29 age bracket.

“Some of the cases are spotted because people are getting a test ahead of foreign travel, but often we’re talking about youngsters coming back from holiday or people who picked up Covid in hospitality” says the mayor.

Among 18-to-29-year-olds only 18% are fully vaccinated. 29% haven’t had a single shot.

Meanwhile, speaking against the backdrop of a worsening national situation, corona commissioner Pedro Facon says we shouldn’t panic, but the situation does need to closely scrutinised.  Mr Facon’s office is analysing the situation ahead of Friday’s meeting of the consultative committee that decides on corona measures.  He says face coverings and physical distancing should stay. Proposals aimed at improving ventilation are expected soon.

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