Nearly all willing Flemish adults have been jabbed by the Flemish holiday

Flanders is marking its national holiday today, the anniversary of the Battle of the Golden Spurs, when in 1302 a force of Flemish burghers set an army of French knights belonging to the king of France to flight.  It is a cherished anniversary because it allowed Flanders to continue to develop as an independent entity and prevented its incorporation into the Kingdom of France.  This year Flanders had a different goal to meet.  Flemish health minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat) had promised that all willing Flemish adults would have received a first dose of the vaccine by the Flemish national holiday. 

It’s been a tremendous undertaking with bumps along the way but the goal has more or less been met.  Seven thousand adults still eager to be vaccinated have yet to get the jab this 11 July.

Last Thursday Mr Beke was able to announce that the last 7,000 invitations had been sent out and these people were being given an appointment.  Today only 0.2% of the 5.3 million adults in Flanders wanting to be vaccinated are still waiting.  50,000 15-and-16-year-olds have already been immunised too.  A further 30,000 have now been invited to get their jab. 

87% of over 18s in Flanders are single jabbed.  Half this number are double jabbed.  By the end of July 80% of adults in Flanders will be double jabbed.

People who didn’t attend an appointment or refused the jab, can now register via and still get vaccinated. 

In recent weeks the Flemish vaccination drive picked up incredible speed outpacing even the UK.  “Only Iceland is doing better” says Mr Beke.  “We have a strong vaccination tradition.  Moreover our vaccination centres invested in proximity.  Co-operation between first line care and local authorities is going very smoothly.”   

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