Bus carrying Flemish youngsters gutted in France

A private bus with 49 Flemish youths on board has suffered a blowout in France, which caused a blaze. Nobody got injured, but part of the baggage was lost.

The youngsters were returning from L'Estartit in Spain where they had joined a youth camp. The accident happened in the area of Clermont Ferrand in central France around 3 o'clock in the night.

A sudden puncture caused a blaze, but everybody could be evacuated in time. Some of the baggage could not be saved however. The passengers were given shelter in a local sports centre. 

"There was never any kind of panic. We also want to thank the local authorities for their help", Bert Schoenmakers said on behalf of the organisation of the youth camp. 

A local bus company will bring the youngsters towards the Belgian border, where another bus from Belgium will take over.  The youths are expected to arrive home around 8 p.m.

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