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No fine for Flemish youngsters hopping on the plane with Covid

The Flemish Care and Health Agency (Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid) says that it can't impose a fine on a bunch of Flemish youngsters flouting basic corona rules in Spain due to technical reasons. 

The youngsters had tested positive for corona on their holiday in Spain and had to return home. But instead of taking a bus, they hopped on a plane, putting all other passengers on the flight at risk. 

Joris Moonens of the care agency says that "we investigated whether we can impose a fine on them, but legal specialists say it is not possible because it happened outside Flanders." The youngsters may well escape a fine, but another kind of punishment may still be found. 

There were talks of about 20 youths, but this number could not be confirmed. "Summer Bash gave us the data of some youngsters, but we are still waiting on information from the other organisation, Jongerentravel." 

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