Verviers was among the cities that were hardest hit.

At least 20 dead and 20 others missing after torrential rain

At least 20 people have been killed in the recent floods in eastern Belgium and 20 others are still missing. This has been confirmed by Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden at a special press conference this afternoon. Over 20,000 Walloon residents are left without electricity and there is no drinking water in some areas. 

In Eupen, in German-speaking Belgium, a 22-year-old went missing after he had jumped in the water in the Nispert district using a swimming ring. Later, his body was recovered from a ditch in the Rotenberg area. In Aywaille, the body of a 50-year-old man was found in his basement. 

In the Verviers area, the judicial authorities report six bodies. One man died when he tried to move his car to a different place to save it from the flooding. In Pepinster, a corpse was found under a bridge that had partly collapsed. In Philippeville, in Namur province, a man in his fifties was killed. He was trying to remove dead wood from a drainpipe when he was dragged away by the water.  Two people were also killed in Chaudfontaine. 

Death toll bound to go up

The death toll is bound to rise as several citizens remain missing. The most tragic story happened in Pepinster. Three local people waiting for help were rescued by fire services, but their dinghy had technical problems and they got into trouble on the violent waters during the rescue operation. The firefighters just managed to save themselves, but three people went missing. It is feared they all died. 

21,000 left without power

Meanwhile, further problems have emerged causing local residents a headache. The damage is not just about houses, cars or furniture. About 21,000 local residents in Wallonia are left without electricity, while there is no drinking water in other parts. 

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