People on holiday are also confronted with corona restrictions.

Hospitalisations on the up again as number of new cases keeps rising

Covid figures in Belgium keep going up, especially where the number of new cases is concerned. The reproduction number has climbed to 1.17. 

1,127 new cases per day were reported between 6 and 12 July. This number is 86 percent up on the week. At the same time, over 61,000 corona tests were being taken each day. 2 percent of those tested turned out to be positive. The R-figure or reproduction value which indicates how fast the virus is spreading, stands at 1.17. This means that 100 people that contracted corona are passing it on to 117 others. 

The number of hospital admissions is rising slowly. Last week, 20 people had to be taken to hospital each day, a 14 percent rise on the week. Yesterday, hospitals reported 29 new admissions, which is 7 more than on Wednesday. Only 18 people were discharged from hospital. The total number of Covid patients in hospital has climbed to 253 now. 86 of them are in intensive care. Each day, two people are dying after contracting coronavirus. 

The vaccination campaign is cruising. Almost 82 percent of the adult population in Belgium has received at least a first jab. This is 66,6 percent of the total population. A majority of them has been double-jabbed and enjoys the best possible protection from the vaccine. 

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