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Over 250 rescue workers from various countries helping out after the floods

Belgium can count on a lot of help from abroad to cope with the impact of the recent floods. Over 250 rescue workers from countries like France, Austria, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxemburg have already arrived. 

The Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden had activated the European Civil Protection mechanism on Wednesday to request international help. (video shows Italy sending dinghies)

France said it would send 40 members of the army to Belgium for support, with president Emmanuel Macron expressing "his solidarity with Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany as they are going through this ordeal." 

In total, over 250 rescue workers have already arrived in Belgium. Rescue teams and specialised staff such as helicopter pilots and divers were sent, but also material including dinghy rescue boats, helicopters, drones and vehicles.

Offers from other European members states are being looked at, Ms Verlinden said. The European Commission coordinates the help.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, PM Alexander De Croo and Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden expressed their gratitude for this international help. 

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