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Covid cases almost doubled in Brussels

The Brussels Region is among the areas in Belgium where the delta variant of coronavirus is making strong progress. Both the number of new cases and the positivity rate have almost doubled in just a week's time as the more contagious delta variant (also known as the Indian variant) has become dominant.   

The incidence rate - the number of accumulated new cases of Covid-19 per 14 days per 100,000 residents - climbed to 169 on 16 July, coming from 99 the week before. 

The positivity rate reached 2.2 percent, coming from 1.2. The reproduction number in Brussels has risen to 1.39 which means that the epidemic is growing again, as 100 people with Covid-19 are passing the virus on to 139 others. 

Meanwhile, the R-value for Belgium as a whole stands at 1.2. The positivity rate is 2.1 percent. The number of new cases in Belgium is also on the rise, standing at 1,231 per day over the past week (to put things into perspective: in the Netherlands, which have about 1.5 times Belgium's population, the number of new cases is peaking above 11,000 per day at present). The number of daily hospital admissions in Belgium is also up and has reached 21. 

The Brussels health authorities are monitoring the number of hospital admissions. This number reached 79 per day coming from 63 the week before. "The new victims are people who didn't get vaccinated, and they are of all age categories", the Brussels regional authorities underline. However, the number of patients in intensive care remains stable for the moment. 

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