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Floods: some parts of Limburg and Flemish Brabant still under threat

The water may be retreating after the floods in most places, some areas are still battling high water levels like Herk-de-Stad, Halen and Rotselaar. The water is finding its way downstream now to reach the sea eventually. 

Local rivers like the Demer, the Velpe and the Gete are transporting the water to more western regions. Halen and Herk-de-Stad in western Limburg and Rotselaar in Flemish Brabant are waiting what the coming hours and tomorrow will bring. 

Parts of these municipalities have been flooded, though the situation has never been as bad as in parts of the Ardennes in Liège and Namur province. 

In Herk-de-Stad, a local dam was breeched by the rising water which caused floodings (see video). 

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