A Belgian wave of solidarity: thousands of volunteers register to help flood victims

Over 5,000 people have already registered as a volunteer on the Red Cross website to help the victims of the recent floods in eastern Belgium. The Red Cross is being flooded with relief goods, asking the public not to go too fast.  

The Red Cross launched its appeal yesterday and it is a success. The volunteers will have to wait until the water levels have gone down further before they can go to the stricken area. 

Meanwhile, the Red Cross is asking people to stop donating goods to help the flood victims. The organisation is receiving lots of relief goods at present, but it is too early, says Jan Poté: "We really appreciate the wave of solidarity, but we want to ask people to either register as a crisis volunteer or to give financial help at present. Please don't donate any goods yet until we launch a specific call." 

People wanting to give financial help can do so on the account number BE70 - 0000 0000 - 2525

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