Blue jerrycans may wash up on Belgian beaches: "Do not open them, and dial 112 immediately"

The Maritime Rescue and Communication Centre (MRCC) and the West-Flemish provincial authorities are warning the public against blue jerrycans that may wash up on our beaches in the coming days. 

The MRCC is the central information hub for incidents or accidents at sea. The blue jerrycans contain chemical substances which can cause burns. "Do not open them in any case", the MRCC warns. 

There are reports about 13 jerrycans ending up in the sea when the ship 'Arctic Discoverer' was being supplied. It happened off the Dutch coast, but the northerly breeze is expected to push them towards Belgian waters. 

The Belgian coast is having a very busy weekend. Fire services have been ordered to stay on the look-out and to check the beaches regularly. "If you don't open the jerrycans, there is no danger. But if you do spot one, please call 112 on the spot", the MRCC asks.  

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