Ines Goovaerts

Ines gives up her holiday to help in the clean-up

Ines Goovaerts is one of the many Flemings who decided to help in the clean-up operation following the floods that caused havoc in many parts of Wallonia.  Ines and her boyfriend were planning to go away on holiday last Thursday but quickly altered their plans.  “I believe it’s very much part of me: helping others” Ines told VRT.

The photographer has an impressive track record.  In 2018 she even helped out in Australia when wildfires raged.  “When we saw the pictures on Thursday, I could follow no other course but to go and help.  The following day I was helping somebody out.  I don’t hesitate to put my plans on the backburner.  If it happened to me, I would love to receive help.”

Ines has been helping out cleaning up homes in the Liege area all weekend.  On Monday she is off to Trooz.  “Together with other people I help in the clean up. We’ve been busy nonstop since Friday: removing mud from cellars or cleaning up the entire ground floor”.

“You see all the windows are broken. Cars are piled up on top of each other like at a car-breaker’s yard.  Walls have collapsed under the weight of water.  When you enter people’s homes, you can put a face to all that misery.  It makes me really go quiet.”

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