More hospitalisations due to Covid

The increase in the average number of daily hospitalisations and new cases of coronavirus continues.

By 18 July 7,766,046 people had received a first dose of the vaccine.  That’s 82.4% of adults and works out at 67.4% of the total population. 5,505,595 had got their second shot.

In the week to 19 July on average 26 patients a day were hospitalised.  The figure is up 48% on the week.

On Monday 26 patients were hospitalised.  11 were discharged.

265 patients are currently in hospital with Covid.  The figure is up 13% on the week. 84 are in intensive care.  48 are on a ventilator and in an induced coma.

In the week to 16 July on average 2 deaths a day were linked to Covid.  The figure is down 15% on the week. 

On average during the last seven-day observation period, the week to 16 July, 1,330 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed each day.  The figure is up 42% on the week.

On average 69,200 tests are carried out each day in the week to 16 July.  The figure is up 16% on the week. 2.1% of tests came back positive. That’s an increase of 0.4%.

Belgium’s Reproduction number stands at 1.29.  A hundred sick people pass the virus on to 129 others and the epidemic is widening.

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