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Muslims celebrate Greater Eid, collect funds for flood victims

As elsewhere in Belgium in Ronse (East Flanders) the local Muslim community is marking Eid al-Adha, the Festival of the Sacrifice.  This year the celebration is muted as thoughts of the faithful are with the victims of the floods.

The Festival of the Sacrifice or Greater Eid and the Festival of Breaking the Fast are two of the highlights of the Muslim calendar.  At Greater Eid Muslims mark the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim or Abraham to sacrifice his son at the request of Allah.

This year at the Grand Mosque in Ronse Muslims are collecting funds for the victims of the floods. “The cash will be transferred to the Red Cross” volunteer Youssef Elidrissi explains.

The festivities are complying with corona measures.  Prayers are said in the open air allowing 400 to be present. 

“We’re using a soccer pitch after the city authorities gave permission.”

Ahead of prayers a show of solidarity with the victims of the floods will be held.

“Our thoughts are with the victims of the floods in Limburg and Wallonia.  We couldn’t stage a festival and ignore the fact people are in very difficult situations.”

“Today is a day of generosity.  Ahead of prayers we will collect funds and donate the cash to the Red Cross.  We made an announcement on social media.  It will be repeated in several languages.”

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