Work is being done to reinforce the banks of the River Demer.
foto: Radio 2

Blustery showers possible next weekend and early next week

Today and Friday will be sunny, but the weather will change as from the weekend. Several Flemish municipalities hope that the rain will not be too strong as they are still recovering from last week's floods - and rivers like the Demer are still swollen. 

The Demer area in parts of Limburg and Flemish Brabant is still causing concerns. Water levels remain very high, the dike was deliberately breeched at some places to let excessive water find its way to areas that could be flooded. In Schulen, a basin of 10 square kilometres to collect excessive flood water has already been filled completely. It could take weeks or even months until the basin is empty again. 

Local mayors and residents hope that the new rain and possibly heavy showers expected to arrive from France next weekend, will not be too heavy. The rain is expected to arrive from the south-west on Saturday morning, but it is hard to forecast the exact local intensity, experts say. 

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