One of the few remaining newspaper booths in Brussels to disappear: "We lose a piece of heritage"

The newspaper booth in Brussels, situated at the entrance of the Louiza Gallery, has to go due to construction works. It is one of the last remaining booths of its kind in the capital, our colleagues of Radio 2 write.  

It is probably the last booth in the capital where you can buy a newspaper, a magazine or tobacco, or play the lottery. As the Guldenvlieslaan is being renovated, the stall will have to go.  

Customers regret the decision. "I buy a newspaper there from time to time and I feel sorry for the owner who loses his job. It's also a little bit of nostalgia that disappears. Paris still has about 400 and Brussels will have none left soon, it is actually a bit strange for the capital of Europe. Maybe they can transfer one from Paris to Brussels." 

Another customer compares it to the era of the telephone booths: "It is a piece of heritage that goes, a piece of tradition, the end of an era. It's a pity." 

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