Anxious wait for oncoming storm in Demer Valley

With most of the country the subject of an amber weather warning in Flanders concern is mounting in the Valley of the River Demer about the oncoming storm.  Thundery showers that may be torrential in places is today’s forecast.

It’s especially in areas like the Valleys of the Rivers Vesder (Wallonia) and Demer (Flanders) where last week’s torrential rain revealed flood weak points that people are worried.

VRT weather presenter Frank Deboosere has warned that the Valley of the River Demer could bear the brunt of the downpours in Flanders.  “A lot of rain is anticipated, but there’s a difference with last week.  This time round there will be local downpours.  Last week we experienced flooding as a result of a rain zone that remained over eastern Belgium for 48 hours and did not budge.  Today we are taking about thundery showers.”

In Herk-de-Stad (Limburg) waters in the area flooded last week have fallen, but nobody is relaxed about the oncoming storm.

Aarschot Mayor Rutten (photo top): “The level of the Demer has fallen in Diest, Zichem and Testelt.  In so far as they can predict they have given us a guarantee the dikes will hold on the River Demer.  There is sufficient capacity in the natural flood plains to deal with the weather predicted.”

Meanwhile in eastern Belgium, in the towns of Pepinster, Chaudfontaine and Trooz in the Valley of the Vesder a drone is in the skies warning inhabitants to leave or to take action.

This area bore the brunt of the flooding last week.

“The drone equipped with a loudspeaker urges people who experienced problems during the floods to move to higher storeys in their homes or find refuge elsewhere during the thunderstorm” says police chief Barbier.

“The camera on the drone allows us to monitor the river and advise residents.”

Only West Flanders is the subject of a yellow weather warning.

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