Takashi Hososhima

Ghent to seize 'boom' cars

Authorities in the fair city of Ghent are clamping down on 'boom' cars, vehicles that cause annoyance as a result of their loud engines.  Police are being given new powers to seize vehicles that cause a disturbance.

“Police are carrying out extra patrols to catch drivers red-handed” says Mayor De Clercq. “Action is needed because this is keeping Ghentians awake.”

“It’s not only at night that problems have been reported.  There are complaints about vehicles blasting their engines during the hours of daytime too!”

Vehicles seized will be held for 72 hours.  The violation will land the motorist a nuisance fine and they will have to pay for the towing service too!” explains the mayor.

Extra patrols are envisaged because fines can only be meted out when drivers are caught in the act.

“We hope this approach will tackle a persistent ill that has kept Ghentians awake for many hours” says the mayor.

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